Functions for manipulating bounding boxes (bb).


function varargout = bbApply( action, varargin )


 Functions for manipulating bounding boxes (bb).

 A bounding box (bb) is also known as a position vector or a rectangle
 object. It is a four element vector with the fields: [x y w h]. A set of
 n bbs can be stores as an [nx4] array, most funcitons below can handle
 either a single or multiple bbs. In addtion, typically [nxm] inputs with
 m>4 are ok (with the additional columns ignored/copied to the output).

 bbApply contains a number of utility functions for working with bbs. The
 format for accessing the various utility functions is:
  outputs = bbApply( 'action', inputs );
 The list of functions and help for each is given below. Also, help on
 individual subfunctions can be accessed by: "help bbApply>action".

 Compute area of bbs.
   bb = bbApply( 'area', bb )
 Shift center of bbs.
   bb = bbApply( 'shift', bb, xdel, ydel )
 Get center of bbs.
   cen = bbApply( 'getCenter', bb )
 Get bb at intersection of bb1 and bb2 (may be empty).
   bb = bbApply( 'intersect', bb1, bb2 )
 Get bb that is union of bb1 and bb2 (smallest bb containing both).
   bb = bbApply( 'union', bb1, bb2 )
 Resize the bbs (without moving their centers).
   bb = bbApply( 'resize', bb, hr, wr, [ar] )
 Fix bb aspect ratios (without moving the bb centers).
   bbr = bbApply( 'squarify', bb, flag, [ar] )
 Draw single or multiple bbs to image (calls rectangle()).
   hs = bbApply( 'draw', bb, [col], [lw], [ls], [prop], [ids] )
 Embed single or multiple bbs directly into image.
  I = bbApply( 'embed', I, bb, [varargin] )
 Crop image regions from I encompassed by bbs.
   [patches, bbs] = bbApply('crop',I,bb,[padEl],[dims])
 Convert bb relative to absolute coordinates and vice-versa.
   bb = bbApply( 'convert', bb, bbRef, isAbs )
 Randomly generate bbs that fall in a specified region.
   bbs =  bbApply( 'random', pRandom )
 Convert weighted mask to bbs.
   bbs = bbApply('frMask',M,bbw,bbh,[thr])
 Create weighted mask encoding bb centers (or extent).
   M = bbApply('toMask',bbs,w,h,[fill],[bgrd])

  varargout = bbApply( action, varargin );

  action     - string specifying action
  varargin   - depends on action, see above

  varargout  - depends on action, see above


 See also bbApply>area bbApply>shift bbApply>getCenter bbApply>intersect
 bbApply>union bbApply>resize bbApply>squarify bbApply>draw bbApply>crop
 bbApply>convert bbApply>random bbApply>frMask bbApply>toMask

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