Creates an image of a 'pie slice' of a circle.


function mask = maskCircle( angleStart, angleSiz, r, nSamples )


 Creates an image of a 'pie slice' of a circle.

 Creates a 2D array of size (2rx2r) with values between 0 and 1.
 Specifically, mask has values 1 inside the pie slice of the circle
 defined by angleStart and angleSiz.  For example, using
 angleStart=-pi/4 and angleSiz=pi/2 would give a quarter circle facing
 right.  nsample conrols the accuracty of the circle at its boundaries.
 That is if nSamples>1, pixels at the boundary which will have fractions
 values (when a pixel should be say half inside the circle and half
 outside of the circle).  Note that running time is
 O(nSamples^2*radius^2), so don't use a value that is too high for either.
 A series of masks whose angles together go from 0-2pi will sum exactly to
 form a radius r circle. r may be either an integer, or an integer + .5. A
 pixel is considered to belong to the circle iff it is within the given
 angle and has a value strictly smaller then r.
  mask = maskCircle( angleStart, angleSiz, r, [nSamples] )

  angleStart   - start position of circle
  angleSiz     - number of radians to continue circle for
  r            - mask radius (integer or integer+.5)
  nSamples     - [1] controls sampling accuracy

  mask         - the created image, size 2r by 2r

  mask1 = maskCircle( -pi/8, pi/4, 20, 20 ); figure(1); im(mask1); 
  mask2 = maskCircle( pi/8, pi/8, 20, 20 );  figure(2); im(mask2); 
  figure(3); im(mask1+mask2);


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 Licensed under the Simplified BSD License [see external/bsd.txt]

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