Synchronize two directory trees (or show differences between them).


function dirSynch( root1, root2, showOnly, flag, ignDate )


 Synchronize two directory trees (or show differences between them).

 If a file or directory 'name' is found in both tree1 and tree2:
  1) if 'name' is a file in both the pair is considered the same if they
     have identical size and identical datestamp (or if ignDate=1).
  2) if 'name' is a directory in both the dirs are searched recursively.
  3) if 'name' is a dir in root1 and a file in root2 (or vice-versa)
     synchronization cannot proceed (an error is thrown).
 If 'name' is found only in root1 or root2 it's a difference between them.

 The parameter flag controls how synchronization occurs:
  flag==0: neither tree1 nor tree2 has preference (newer file is kept)
  flag==1: tree2 is altered to reflect tree1 (tree1 is unchanged)
  flag==2: tree1 is altered to reflect tree2 (tree2 is unchanged)
 Run with showOnly=1 and different values of flag to see its effect.

 By default showOnly==1. If showOnly, displays a list of actions that need
 to be performed in order to synchronize the two directory trees, but does
 not actually perform the actions. It is highly recommended to run
 dirSynch first with showOnly=1 before running it with showOnly=0.

  dirSynch( root1, root2, [showOnly], [flag], [ignDate] )

  root1    - root directory of tree1
  root2    - root directory of tree2
  showOnly - [1] show but do NOT perform actions
  flag     - [0] 0: synchronize; 1: set root2=root1; 2: set root1==root2
  ignDate  - [0] if true considers two files same even if have diff dates

  dirSynch( 'c:\toolbox', 'c:\toolbox-old', 1 )


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