Used to display the progress of a long process.


function id = ticStatus( msg, updateFreq, updateMinT, erasePrev )


 Used to display the progress of a long process.

 Essentially, use 'ticId = ticStatus' to start a new progress
 indicator, and then update the progress indicator with a call to
 'tocStatus( ticId, fracDone )', where fracDone is the fraction of
 the work completed.  The progress indicator is shown as a text message
 (sent to stdout).  For example in a loop over i where about the same
 amount of work is done each iteration, the indicator would be added as
     ticId = ticStatus('my message');
     for i=1:n
         tocStatus( ticId, i/n );
 Before the loop the timer is initialized, and then at the end of each
 iteration a call to tocStatus is made 'tocStatus( ticId, i/n )'.
 The progress indicator is of the form:
  'my message   completed=4.5% [elapsed=1.0s / remaining~=21.5s]'

 The parameters passed to ticStatus control the behavior of the progress
 indicator.  The updateFreq is the minimum time (in seconds) between
 updates to the progress indicator (a typical value is 1 second).  So even
 if 'tocStatus( ticId, i/n )' is called 100/second, an update occurs
 only once per updateFreq seconds.  Next updateMinT is used to control if
 a progress message shows at all.  If a process is projected to take time
 < updateMinT then no progress indicator is shown at all.  The form of the
 progress indicator is a text message.  If erasePrev is set to true, then
 the previously displayed message is erased.  This ONLY WORKS if no other
 output was sent to stdout since the last call to tocStatus.  Otherwise,
 each new update is simply sent to the progress indicator without first
 tyring to erase any previous text.  Finally msg allows customization of
 the actual udpate message displayed.

 ticStatus returns an id that uniquely identifies the progress indicator.
 tocStatus takes this id as its first input.  Once tocStatus is called
 with a fracDone==1, then the memory of the progress indicator that
 corresponds to id is set free (make sure to call tocStatus(id,1) if the
 progress indicator is no longer needed).  Nesting of progress indicators
 is possible; however, in this case erasePrev should be set to false
 (otherwise the various progress messages may erase each other).

  id = ticStatus( [msg], [updateFreq], [updateMinT], [erasePrev] )

  msg         - [] additional msg to display in progress
  updateFreq  - [1] frequency with which to update progress (in seconds)
  updateMinT  - [20] no progress is shown if process takes time<updateMinT
  erasePrev   - [1] whether to attempt to erase prev message

  id          - unique ticStatus for progress indicator

  ticId = ticStatus('example usage',.2,1);
  for i=1:100; pause(.1); tocStatus( ticId, i/100 ); end


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