Fast bilinear image downsampling/upsampling.


function B = imResample( A, scale, method, norm )


 Fast bilinear image downsampling/upsampling.

 Gives similar results to imresize with the bilinear option and
 antialiasing turned off if scale is near 1, except sometimes the final
 dims are off by 1 pixel. For very small values of the scale imresize is
 faster but only looks at subset of values of original image.

 This code requires SSE2 to compile and run (most modern Intel and AMD
 processors support SSE2). Please see:

  B = imResample( A, scale, [method], [norm] )

  A        - input image (2D or 3D single, double or uint8 array)
  scale    - scalar resize factor [s] of target height and width [h w]
  method   - ['bilinear'] either 'bilinear' or 'nearest'
  norm     - [1] optionally multiply every output pixel by norm

   B       - resampled image

  I=single(imread('cameraman.tif')); n=100; s=1/2; method='bilinear';
  tic, for i=1:n, I1=imresize(I,s,method,'Antialiasing',0); end; toc
  tic, for i=1:n, I2=imResample(I,s,method); end; toc
  figure(1); im(I1); figure(2); im(I2);

 See also imresize

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