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 See also

   filterBinomial1d - 1D binomial filter (approximation to Gaussian filter)
   filterDog2d      - Difference of Gaussian (Dog) Filter.
   filterDoog       - n-dim difference of offset Gaussian DooG filter (Gaussian derivative).
   filterGabor1d    - Creates an even/odd pair of 1D Gabor filters.
   filterGabor2d    - Creates an even/odd pair of 2D Gabor filters.
   filterGauss      - n-dimensional Gaussian filter.
   filterSteerable  - Steerable 2D Gaussian derivative filter (for visualization).
   filterVisualize  - Used to visualize a 1D/2D/3D filter.

 Operations involving a set of filters (a filter bank or FB):
   FbApply2d        - Applies each of the filters in the filterbank FB to the image I.
   FbCrop           - Crop a 2D filterbank (adjusting filter norms).
   FbMake           - Various 1D/2D/3D filterbanks (hardcoded).
   FbReconstruct2d  - Use to see how much image information is preserved in filter outputs.
   FbVisualize      - Used to visualize a series of 1D/2D/3D filters.

 Simple nonlinear filters:
   medfilt1m        - One-dimensional adaptive median filtering with missing values.
   modefilt1        - One-dimensional mode filtering.

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