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   clusterMontage - Used for visualization of clusters of images and videos.
   im             - Function for displaying grayscale images.
   filmStrip      - Used to display R stacks of T images as a "filmstrip".
   makeGif        - Writes a matlab movie to an animated GIF.
   montage2       - Used to display collections of images and videos.
   movieToImages  - Creates a stack of images from a matlab movie M.
   playMovie      - Shows/makes an/several movie(s) from an image sequence.

   assignToBins   - Quantizes A according to values in edges.
   histc2         - Multidimensional histogram count with weighted values.
   histcImWin     - Calculates local histograms at every point in an image I.
   histcImLoc     - Creates a series of locally position dependent histograms.
   histMontage    - Used to display multiple 1D histograms.

 Generalized correlation:
   normxcorrn     - Normalized n-dimensional cross-correlation.
   xcorrn         - n-dimensional cross-correlation.  Generalized version of xcorr2.
   xeucn          - n-dimensional euclidean distance between each window in A and template T.

 Image deformation:
   imNormalize    - Various ways to normalize a (multidimensional) image.
   imShrink       - Used to shrink a multidimensional array I by integer amount.
   imtransform2   - Applies a linear or nonlinear transformation to an image I.
   jitterImage    - Creates multiple, slightly jittered versions of an image.
   textureMap     - Maps texture in I according to rsDst and csDst.

 Generalized nonmaximal suppression:
   nonMaxSupr     - Applies nonmaximal suppression on an image of arbitrary dimension.
   nonMaxSuprList - Applies nonmaximal suppression to a list.
   nonMaxSuprWin  - Nonmaximal suppression of values outside of a given window.

 Binary mask creation:
   maskCircle     - Creates an image of a 'pie slice' of a circle.
   maskEllipse    - Creates a binary image of an ellipse.
   maskGaussians  - Divides a volume into softly overlapping gaussian windows.
   maskSphere     - Creates an 'image' of a n-dimensional hypersphere.

 Linear filtering:
   convnFast      - Fast convolution, replacement for both conv2 and convn.
   gaussSmooth    - Applies Gaussian smoothing to a (multidimensional) image.
   localSum       - Fast routine for box, max and min filtering.

   imMlGauss      - Calculates max likelihood params of Gaussian that gave rise to image G.
   imRectRot      - Create a draggable, resizable, rotatable rectangle or ellipse.
   imwrite2       - Similar to imwrite, except follows a strict naming convention.

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