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 Embarrassingly parallel function evaluation:
   fevalArrays       - Used to apply the same operation to a stack of array elements.
   fevalDistr        - Wrapper for embarrassingly parallel function evaluation.
   fevalDistrDisk    - Helper for fevalDistr (do no call directly).
   fevalImages       - Used to apply the same operation to all images in given directory.
   fevalMats         - Used to apply the same operation to all .mat files in given directory.

   ticStatus         - Used to display the progress of a long process.
   tocStatus         - Used to display the progress of a long process.

 Array manipulation:
   arrayCrop         - Used to crop a rectangular region from an n dimensional array.
   arrayToDims       - Pads or crops I appropriately so that size(IC)==dims.
   cell2array        - Flattens a cell array of regular arrays into a regular array.
   mat2cell2         - Break matrix up into a cell array of same sized matrices.

   c                 - clc - clear command window.
   cc                - close all, clc
   ccc               - clear, close all, clc, clear global
   char2img          - Convert ascii text to a binary image using pre-computed templates.
   dispMatrixIm      - Display a Matrix with non-negative entries in image form.
   figureResized     - Creates a figures that takes up certain area of screen.
   imLabel           - Improved method for labeling figure axes.
   plotEllipse       - Adds an ellipse to the current plot.
   plotGaussEllipses - Plots 2D ellipses derived from 2D Gaussians specified by mus & Cs.
   text2             - Wrapper for text.m that ensures displayed text fits in figure.
   txt2img           - Convert text string to a binary image.

   checkNumArgs      - Helper utility for checking numeric vector arguments.
   dijkstra          - Runs Dijkstra's shortest path algorithm on a distance matrix.
   dirSynch          - Synchronize two directory trees (or show differences between them).
   diskFill          - Fill a harddisk with garbage files (useful before discarding disk).
   gauss2ellipse     - Creates an ellipse representing the 2D Gaussian distribution.
   getPrmDflt        - Helper to set default values (if not already set) of parameter struct.
   ind2sub2          - Improved version of ind2sub.
   isfield2          - Similar to isfield but also test whether fields are initialized.
   int2str2          - Convert integer to string of given length; improved version of int2str.
   medianw           - Fast weighted median.
   multiDiv          - Matrix divide each submatrix of two 3D arrays without looping.
   multiTimes        - Matrix multiply each submatrix of two 3D arrays without looping.
   normpdf2          - Normal prob. density function (pdf) with arbitrary covariance matrix.
   num2strs          - Applies num2str to each element of an array X.
   plotRoc           - Function for display of rocs (receiver operator characteristic curves).
   randint2          - Faster but restricted version of randint.
   randSample        - Generate values sampled uniformly without replacement from 1:n.
   rotationMatrix    - Performs different operations dealing with a rotation matrix
   simpleCache       - A simple cache that can be used to store results of computations.
   spBlkDiag         - Creates a sparse block diagonal matrix from a 3D array.
   sub2ind2          - Improved version of sub2ind.
   subsToArray       - Converts subs/vals image representation to array representation.
   uniqueColors      - Generate m*n visually distinct RGB colors suitable for display.

 Thin plate splines:
   tpsGetWarp        - Given two sets of corresponding points, calculates warp between them.
   tpsInterpolate    - Apply warp (obtained by tpsGetWarp) to a set of new points.
   tpsInterpolateIm  - Interpolate Isrc according to the warp from Isrc->Idst.
   tpsRandom         - Obtain a random warp with the same bending energy as the original.

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