Used to display collections of images and videos.


function varargout = montage2( IS, prm )


 Used to display collections of images and videos.

 Improved version of montage, with more control over display.
 NOTE: Can convert between MxNxT and MxNx3xT image stack via:
   I = repmat( I, [1,1,1,3] ); I = permute(I, [1,2,4,3] );

  varargout = montage2( IS, [prm] )

  IS           - MxNxTxR or MxNxCxTxR, where C==1 or C==3, and R may be 1
                 or cell vector of MxNxT or MxNxCxT matrices
   .showLines  - [1] whether to show lines separating the various frames
   .extraInfo  - [0] if 1 then a colorbar is shown as well as impixelinfo
   .cLim       - [] cLim = [clow chigh] optional scaling of data
   .mm         - [] #images/col per montage
   .nn         - [] #images/row per montage
   .labels     - [] cell array of labels (strings) (T if R==1 else R)
   .perRow     - [0] only if R>1 and not cell, alternative displays method
   .hasChn     - [0] if true assumes IS is MxNxCxTxR else MxNxTxR
   .padAmt     - [0] only if perRow, amount to pad when in row mode
   .padEl      - [] pad element, defaults to min value in IS

  h           - image handle
  m           - #images/col
  nn          - #images/row

 EXAMPLE - [3D] show a montage of images
  load( 'images.mat' ); clf; montage2( images );

 EXAMPLE - [3D] show a montage of images with labels
  load( 'images.mat' );
  for i=1:50; labels{i}=['I-' int2str2(i,2)]; end
  prm = struct('extraInfo',1,'perRow',0,'labels',{labels});
  clf; montage2( images(:,:,1:50), prm );

 EXAMPLE - [3D] show a montage of images with color boundaries
  load( 'images.mat' );
  I3 = repmat(permute(images,[1 2 4 3]),[1,1,3,1]); % add color chnls
  prm = struct('padAmt',4,'padEl',[50 180 50],'hasChn',1,'showLines',0);
  clf; montage2( I3(:,:,:,1:48), prm )

 EXAMPLE - [4D] show a montage of several groups of images
  for i=1:25; labels{i}=['V-' int2str2(i,2)]; end
  prm = struct('labels',{labels});
  load( 'images.mat' ); clf; montage2( videos(:,:,:,1:25), prm );

 EXAMPLE - [4D] show using 'row' format
  load( 'images.mat' );
  prm = struct('perRow',1, 'padAmt',6, 'padEl',255 );
  figure(1); clf; montage2( videos(:,:,:,1:10), prm );


 Piotr's Computer Vision Matlab Toolbox      Version 2.0
 Copyright 2014 Piotr Dollar.  []
 Licensed under the Simplified BSD License [see external/bsd.txt]

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