This toolbox is meant to facilitate the manipulation of images and video in Matlab. Its purpose is to complement, not replace, Matlab's Image Processing Toolbox, and in fact it requires that the Matlab Image Toolbox be installed. Emphasis has been placed on code efficiency and code reuse. Thanks to everyone who has given me feedback - you've helped make this toolbox more useful and easier to use.


The toolbox is divided into 7 parts, arranged by directory:


For version history click here. This code is licensed under the Simplified BSD License.

Requires Matlab 2011b or later and Matlab's Image Processing Toolbox.


Simply unzip, then add all directories to the Matlab path:
  >> addpath(genpath('path/to/toolbox/')); savepath;

If needed, run the compile script for the mex files:
  >> toolboxCompile;
Note: 64 bit Windows/Linux/Mac binaries are already included.


If you use use this code in a publication, I would be grateful if you cite:

   author = {Piotr Doll\'ar},
   title = {{P}iotr's {C}omputer {V}ision {M}atlab {T}oolbox ({PMT})},
   howpublished = {\url{https://github.com/pdollar/toolbox}}

Use of channels and detector packages requires separate citations.